by / October 3rd, 2016 /

The Ya Ya Vuze – Tomorrow EP

 1/5 Rating


The Ya Ya Vuze have just released their new E.P Tomorrow. Produced by Gavin Glass, the Dublin band’s latest offering sees them taking a giant leap forward. Thematically the chaotic nights and barstool philosophising remain but there’s a greater sense of confident control to the arrangements.

Opener ‘Whatta They Know’ incrementally builds on Stephen McSweeney’s bass and Billy Roche’s lead guitar while Bruno Nogueira’s hi-hat flits around the background before bursting in for the song’s conclusion. The title defiantly repeated by lead singer Fergie Mac, I can already see the percolating fist pumps.

When you think Vuze you usually think of full-throttle, foot-down rock’n’roll but there are two slow burners on Tomorrow. ‘Emerald Blue’ imbued with a real sense of innocence is the most openly vulnerable lyric we’ve heard from the band so far. E.P closer ‘Better on the Run’ is a subdued summer serenade that sees Fergie Mac taking a step back and drinking in his surroundings. There’s grass growing, twigs breaking and an orchestra swelling as summer comes to an end.

An ode to pushing against the oft immoveable object of life or at least contemplating it over a pint, ‘Get My Day’ is driven along by Nogueira’s hi-hat bursting in like Rick James at a school disco. The penultimate track on the E.P is ‘925’, revved-up rockabilly complete with a visceral guitar solo. Frantically pulsing along, the arrangement and vibe are of a wild weekend as the protagonist hopelessly tries to cover it up Monday morning at work.

Drink, drugs and salty language – not exactly a visit to your granny’s – but an excellent offering from the Vuze all the same. The Ya Ya Vuze will be launching the E.P on the 13th of October in the Grand Social, go check them out. Bring a fresh pair of socks, if their songs are anything to go by it could be a wild night.

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