by / April 23rd, 2010 /

AC/DC – Iron Man 2 OST

 1/5 Rating


The concept of the soundtrack album has always been a odd one, varying from musical scores to original songs and the odd truly original approach to lazy collections of the latest hits, with a few classics thrown in for good measure. If the recent Kick Ass album was an example of the right idea, the news that AC/DC were throwing a bunch of old songs at the Iron Man 2 movie didn’t exactly set the pulses racing creative wise, an exercise in taking the easy route if ever there was one.

Until, that is, you consider two things. Firstly, given that a film such as Iron Man has to appeal to the teenage boy audience, you wonder just how relevant a band like AC/DC still is to them, next to the modern day rock bands dealing in emo, rave and the rest. Secondly, you just have to listen to it to realise that – when it comes to this particular band – any notion of what makes sense goes out of the window. They are, after all, the band who still feature a fifty year old man dressed as a schoolboy and are held in the highest regard despite having drifted from half arsed album to half arsed album for nearly thirty years until last year’s Black Ice finally saw them return to form.

Why then, have we been playing the Iron Man 2 soundtrack every day for a week? For a band who have always vowed never to do a Best Of, this comes reasonably close. There’s a lot missing (how could there not be) but what’s here sounds undeniably amazing. The Bon Scott stuff stands head and shoulders above the later stuff of course, combining punk attitude, rock history and a larger than life approach to the world but even so it’s hard to argue with the songs off Back In Black. What can’t be denied is that the likes of -Thunderstruck’ and -The Razor’s Edge’ saw them turning into a weak parody of themselves. Those days are hopefully behind them though and if Iron Man 2 does its job and introduces them to a whole new audience then you can’t really argue. Sure, imagine hearing -If You Want Blood’ and -Highway To Hell’ for the very first time…

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