by / September 28th, 2010 /

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

 3/5 Rating

(Eskimo Records)

Like many established dance acts, Aeroplane’s career began in clubs and on dancefloors, earning a name for themselves with big disco house beats and clever remixes. The conversion is tougher though, when a DJ moves into a studio to record original material. After all, there are countless good DJs out there, but few that seem to be able to provide when it comes to writing their own tunes.

However, the duo that was once known as Aeroplane is now a solo mission, whose pilots name is Vito De Luca. The debut We Can’t Fly is a blend of big beats, disco, psych-pop guitars, italo-disco and samples. There are also hints of a plethora of different influences too; Pink Floyd (‘The Point of No Return’) perhaps being the obvious one although the more contemporary Daft Punk (‘Superstar’) can surely not be denied.

De Luca’s songwriting – something he claims to be pursuing, leaving behind his turntables – is undoubtedly solid and well constructed, if only a little unoriginal, but what’s original these days? In a genre that’s becoming increasingly more popular since electronic music took a rejuvenated turn a few years back, De Luca’s Aeroplane should certainly sit as one of the most popular releases of 2010. Expect appearances too in packed clubs and sweaty dancefloors in the coming months.

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