by / August 20th, 2010 /

Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins – Unearthing

 1/5 Rating

(Lex Records)

Alan Moore, best known for his work with DC Comics and the likes of the massively successful Watchmen series, has ventured into spoken word territory before with his occult ‘workings’ The Moon & Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, an avant-garde spoken word collection centred on his interest in all things esoteric.

This time Moore offers us something similar, only with a rather well known bunch of musicians backing him, Adam Drucker (aka Doseone of cLOUDEAD, /Themselves/Subtle), Andy Broder (aka Crook&Flail/Fog), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Fantomas/Mr. Bungle etc), Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Zach Hill (Hella) and Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu). Impressive, no? The album is also accompanied by photography from Mitch Jenkins.

The result is quite a beautiful musical accompaniment that ranges from Eno-esque drones to layered acoustic pickings and electronic soundscapes, all backing Moore’s unmistakable Northampton brogue as he narrates a tale of an occult journey.

Non-fans of Moore’s stories may be put off, as this is certainly not a casual album one sits down to on a whim. Those who appreciate a more avant-garde approach to music, and storytelling, should worship at Moore’s creation.


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