by / June 25th, 2010 /

Ann Scott – Flo

 3/5 Rating

(Raghouse Records)

Ann Scott’s third album, Flo, is a slow-moving 55-minute venture. Released on Raghouse Records, the sparse, spaced-out folk and blues tracks might surprise fans of her more accessible sophomore record, We’re Smiling.

The cleanly-produced 14-track Flo is hard to grasp at first.Her poetry is melancholic and vague, and there are few instantly memorable melodies, particularly on the first few songs.

The most compelling tracks are the ones where her bluesy vocal chords and minimal guitar/autoharp are reminiscent of Cat Power circa Moon Pix (‘Return to Die,’ ‘All Eternity,’ ‘Untrue’.) The use of violin, cello, and occasional tribal drums stand out as well, especially in the second half of “Sally.’ One highlight is ‘Under the Sun,’ where layered, breathy harmonies make for the album’s most captivating vocals.

Perhaps Scott’s greatest achievement here is how these all “flo” seamlessly together’”the record as a whole conveys a certain ambiance after repetitive listens. It’s definitely one to listen to altogether, on repeat for hours (at night, before bed) instead of wasting time searching for hooks.

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