by / September 21st, 2010 /

Baths – Cerulean

 1/5 Rating


Sprouting from the foundations of previous underground projects [Post-Foetus] and gorgeous ambient venture Geotic, 21-year-old Will Wiesenfeld has blossomed into something with a sound so current you could stick it in a bun and complain about the spelling later.

Baths is utterly absorbing with its stomach-tingling falsettos and choppy, unwieldy sampling punctuated by outside-the-lines clatters and clanks.

‘Apologetic Shoulderblades’ boasts Wiesenfeld’s choral vocals smeared over a distorted hip-hop/electronica mash-up while ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ wriggles inside your head, ruffles your feathers and leaves you head-nodding on a bus while the rain batters the pedestrians outside.

Cerulean is the perfect mix of subtlety, heart-tugging synth and thumping beats with cracking tracks such as ‘Maximalist’ or ‘Aminals’ highlighting a welcome paucity of filler.

FlyLo and Daedelus appear to have opened a few doors while forging their success and if the result is albums from the likes of Baths and Brainfeeder up-and-comer Teebs then long may it continue.

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  • Ronan

    Love this album – so currant!

  • Phil

    Great review, great album. Up there with Cosmogramma for album of the year in my view. A real grower. Can’t wait for the Teebs album in October too – I believe he and Daedelus have a split 10″ out on Dublin’s own All City Records this week too.