by / October 23rd, 2015 /

Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars

 1/5 Rating

(Sub Pop / Bella Union)

When Beach House announced they would be following their August release of fifth LP Depression Cherry with another album within the same year, most assumed it would be a companion record. Formed out of material from the same recording session it was an easy assumption to make, but thankfully it’s the little differences that stand Thank Your Lucky Stars out from its more uniform predecessor.

Although undoubtedly maintaining some of the ethereal glitz that has been Beach House’s signature since seminal 2010 album Teen Dream, the new record marks a definite, and highly refreshing, return to their lo-fi, more experimental roots. Amongst the sounds of warm, fuzzy electro synth there is a palpable rawness and unpredictability not heard since 2008’s Devotion, or possibly even as far back as their wonderful self-titled debut of 2006. 

This subtle experimentation can be heard in the contrast between the guitar’s steady strumming in ‘All The Yeahs’ next to its electric screeches in ‘Elegy To The Void’, or the archaic organ sounds on ‘Common Girl’ and ‘The Traveller’ – as compared with  the more heavenly, Teen Dream-centric key tones of ‘Rough Girl’.

Indeed it’s these stylistic changes that essentially define the record, giving Thank Your Lucky Stars a varied complexion, as well as a delicately pastoral edge that sets it apart from the luscious wall of synth that has dominated the band’s work over the last five years. One commonality that is apparent is the album’s overall emotional impact – often heralded as Beach House’s main selling point – with Thank Your Lucky Stars again failing to disappoint.

From dazzlingly dreamy opener ‘Majorette’, to the buoyantly uplifting ‘One Thing’, to the enchanting soothing of waltzing lullaby ‘Somewhere Tonight’, the album hits all the right notes, ensuring it is every bit as emotionally stirring as its predecessors. An unexpected treat.

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