by / July 23rd, 2010 /

Best Coast – Crazy For You

 1/5 Rating

With early seven inches released on obscure and achingly-hip labels building up a little head of steam last year, things kicked off properly for Californian Bethany Cosentino aka Best Coast last November with the appearance of ‘When I’m With You’, a distilled slice of fuzz-pop genius. As the summer arrived so did ‘Boyfriend’, raising hopes for the forthcoming album even further.

And so we arrive at this much heralded debut. ‘Boyfriend’ kicks things off in the expected fashion and it sets a pace and mood that rarely wavers. Cosentino guides us through the fuzz and weed smoke, her sickly sweet drawl so ridiculously laid back it’s practically horizontal. Even at their most up-tempo theres always a haze over the songs, a sense that this is the perfect pace for everything to happen at. Only ‘Honey’ slows things down, constantly building into its sparse, lazy chorus. No song here quite bustles with the energy heard on ‘When I’m With You’ but the Strokes like garage punk of ‘Happy’ gets close enough.

‘There’s something about summer’ sings Cosentino on ‘Summer Mood’, and she’d know; the season has inspired her to write an album’s worth of catchy, bubble-gum pop songs all pretty much about her boyfriend or lack thereof. Crazy For You is a blissful chunk of stoned sweetness, a lovely summer lovin’ album. There are plenty of bands trading on this type of garage pop, there always has been, but few seem to possess the charm that has gotten Best Coast this far. Will it change your life? Probably not. Will you care? Not a chance.

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