by / May 25th, 2012 /

Best Coast – The Only Place

 1/5 Rating

(Mexican Summer)

Los Angeles is perhaps an overwhelmingly crowded city for ambitious musicians. Artists’ interactivity is dislocated by a constant churn of competition, which makes that sector of California an apt spot for gaining some credible ground in the music business. Despite firmly protecting themselves from any demise with their debut’s notable atavistic surf rock, Best Coast have only loosely proved their prior commendations with The Only Place.

Crazy For You was nothing complex and mind-challenging like the banal idealistic thought of the modern musician. It contained a sensual simplicity in its layman lyrics and an earthly natural wave of vocal-instrumental harmonisation. Though “I’m always crazy when I miss you, I’m always lazy when I miss you” seems sluggish and lethargic, Best Coast’s debut met a subconscious aesthetic. On the contrary, pieces like ‘Last Year’ and ‘How They Want Me To Be’ seem to be dubious and doubtful attempts at cracking at their prior successes. Matching riffs between the bass, lead guitar and Cosentino’s vocals in the former beckon a lack of enticement.

Aimed less towards the commoner, Bruno and Cosentino’s sophomore appears more personal; delving into themes of hindsight, independence, friendship and true intimacy. ‘My Life’ fittingly brushes off drug usage, reminiscence, maternal love, adventure and a passion for an independent life – all glued together by a swanky guitar waltz and layered chants. Though there are few upstart tracks, it does seem that the personally insightful pieces are more significant ones. This concludes that the duo’s lack of direction opens them up to vulnerable positions, whereas their new personal image offers them extra drive and diversity. In a nutshell, this is an album of unease, sugar-coated with optimism.

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