by / July 17th, 2009 /

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us

 3/5 Rating


Listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow is like being trapped in a confusing Japanese cartoon. One minute you’re floating through the glittery air on a swirling marshmallow cloud before descending into a nightmarish forest only to end up being eaten by a tree’¦

If 2007’s warped Dandelion Gum taught us anything it’s that these purveyors of tripped-out psych-folk do not do things by half measures. It was an album over flowing with ideas of weird Americana meets Krautpop all densely wrapped in layers of Moogs and vocodors like whipped up aural candyfloss but with extra-added razors on top. The inside-out topsy-turvy charm of BMSR is still evident on Eating Us although this is not a journey further into the darkened wood but rather an escape into a more economical landscape.

The womb-warm beats are intact and the fuzzy robotic delights can still be found on the soaring -Twin of Myself’ or the sinister yet captivating -Iron Lemonade’ but the tipping insanity, melted clown-face crazy that was previously so enjoyable and unpredictable has been somewhat smoothed away. The raw giggly fun of tracks like the demonic -Melt Me’ or -Lollipopsichord’ from their predecessor have been lost, engulfed by a larger more refined sound moving them away from their position as interesting side-show oddities towards the serious contenders domain.

This loss leads the album to flow in an uninterrupted monochrome haze on tracks like the gentle -Fields are Breathing’ containing one -la-la-la’ too many and one vocoded vocal too grating before it slips into the dreaded back ground music recalling Air at their most uninspiring. When Black Moth Super Rainbow blitzed onto the scene they brought a crayon drawn, imaginative wonderland to life hopefully on album number three they’ll remember how to colour outside the lines.

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