by / August 31st, 2011 /

Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind Of Fix

 1/5 Rating


Kids today eh? Blame it on their Nintendos, iPhones or sugary cereals, but they can’t concentrate on anything can they. Take that pesky bunch Bombay Bicycle Club. Three albums in two years – the first an out and out indie guitar record, then they decide to go all acoustic for the follow up. And here they come again with A Different Kind Of Fix, ready we’re sure to give us the run around once more. In truth they’ve settled on an amalgamation of the two styles, albeit with a variety of extra influences thrown in for good measure.

What’s staggering is that, for a band who have rushed into their early career with such abandon, is how just damn good Bombay Bicycle Club are. Right from the off, A Different Kind Of Fix sounds like the work of a band high on energy, ideas and commitment. ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ opens to the sound of those acoustic guitars before their electric counterparts kick in. That much is familiar, the harsh beats that follow less so. It’s that kind of album, capable of throwing the odd curveball while maintaining an overall cohesion. Thus you get driving New Order style basslines (‘Bad Timing’), a Four Tops beat meets weird bleeps (‘Your Eyes’) and a gloriously sunny pop song (‘Lights Out, Words Gone’). The band don’t stand still for a moment, nor do they put a foot wrong.

And so it continues…a bit of folk here, a touch of dreamy guitar there, some jaunty piano on single ‘Shuffle’. Crucially never does it sound forced or second guessed, Bombay Bicycle Club do genuinely seem to be this eclectic and inventive by nature. Having dabbled over the course of two albums, this sees them throw themselves into the approach with abandon. For a band of such tender years to even attempt it is remarkable, that they succeed so admirably is amazing.

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