by / March 29th, 2011 /

Boxcutter – The Dissolve

 1/5 Rating

(Planet Mu)

When people think of electronic music it is usually Warp Records or Ninja Tune/Big Dada that gets all the plaudits. However it is Planet Mu and its founder Mike Paradinas, that has, for 16 years now, produced consistently good electronica and dance music, yet is often forced to live in the shadow of the former dance giants. It is the slightly more obscure variation of artists that has, perhaps, left Planet Mu in the dark a little, however, Northern Ireland’s Boxcutter can bring Planet Mu to a much wider market.
Often described as bassy 2-step [It is not dubstep, folks], Boxcutter [Barry Lynn] has been producing quality electronic sounds since his debut with Paradinas’ label back in 2006. His latest album The Dissolve is more of the same but possibly his best, most accessible album to date. Fat bass chords are combined with clicky electronic beats reminiscent of a slowed down Squarepusher.  Song’s like ‘Ufonik’ maintain a slowed down garge type groove, as does title track ‘The Dissolve’, yet the tempo is switched up with more dancefloor numbers like ‘Moon Pupils’ and ‘Cold War’ which have a bass heavy darkness to them.

Boxcutter’s The Dissolve adds more melodic electronica to a roster that has become widely know for more intense electronic production a la Venetian Snares and Shitmat. It’s a refreshing slab of computer music that is both heavy and melodic, nicely combining all facets of what Planet Mu has become known for. 

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