by / December 10th, 2010 /

Broken Records – Let Me Come Home

 3/5 Rating


Six piece Edinburgh indie folk outfit Broken Records have been described by some music hacks as resembling a sort of Scottish version of Arcade Fire. With the exception of perhaps the epic ‘A Darkness Rises Up’, the term may be a little misleading. Indeed, if any comparisons should be made, they would be perhaps more in line with, Ryan Adams, The Boss, Dirty Three or even The Waterboys.

Let Me Come Home, the band’s second record on 4AD, is an album that perhaps lacks continuity but nonetheless has a few stomping tunes. Although most tracks on this album seem to conform to the folk/rock tradition, the advantage of having five other musicians to back up the songs means the record opens up into a vast space allowing the tunes to achieve a grandiose quality to them.

It’s evident that Broken Records are striving for a record that seeks to make a big, bold, sound- with vocals, guitars, and just about every instrument on the album heavily drenched in reverb. The melancholic ‘Dia dos Namarados’ feels like an ancient Scottish ballad that has somehow found its way into the hands of a modern day rock group, while ‘A Leaving Song’ with its weaving drum loops and scattered violin playing is a tidal wave of a song that builds and builds and builds.

Despite the expansive quality to some of the songs, the quieter more folk driven ballads don’t seem to fit with the rest of the record. Let Me Come Home seems to be more a work in progress than something that will define Broken Records’ career.

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