by / June 12th, 2013 /

Camera Obscura – Desire Lines

 3/5 Rating


Nothing out of the ordinary for Tracyanne Campbell and co. Sticking to a formula that quite clearly works, and welcomingly reminiscent of classics like ‘Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken’ and ‘French Navy’, with ‘This Is Love’ and ‘Troublemaker’ creating instantly memorable hooks. Following on from the 31-second intro to this album, the opening minute of Desire Lines sets the happy, jazzy and upbeat tone for the entire album.

Camera Obscura kind of disappeared off the planet following the 2009 release of My Maudlin Career, but they’re back with this blissfully dreamy offering. Fans will find solace in the familiar, and newcomers will be lulled by this happy indie-pop from start to title-track finish. Tracks are bathed in John Henderson’s rich percussion, and welcome trumpet sounds intermittent throughout the album.

The midpoint of the album is marked by ‘Do it Again’, the definitive cheery number on the release, which aptly leads onto the respite of ‘Cri du Coeur’, as things slow down slightly. ‘Every Weekday’ is the standout summer classic on this album, and even has certain subtle Paul Simon tendencies, although Belle & Sebastian comparisons are most obvious. Not a bad nor surprising comparison really considering some of the band’s earlier singles included contributions from Belle & Sebastian’s Richard Colburn, plus Stuart Murdoch has helped with production in the past.

Following on from ‘Every Weekday’ is ‘Fifth in Line to the Throne’ another warm, upbeat track with luscious ’50s style guitar. The album’s concluding song is title track ‘Desire Lines’, which gets slightly country, but generally flows along at a steady pace in tune with the rest of this album of gorgeous vocals, and softly complimentary lo-fi pop. They’d warm the cockles of your heart.

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