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Cap Pas Cap – Haunted Light

 2/5 Rating

(Skinny Wolves)

Since the successful release of their very impressive Not Not is Fine EP back in 2006, fans of Dublin three piece, Cap Pas Cap, have been waiting for what promised to be a stomper of a debut album. The bad news for anyone who was a fan of the band’s stripped down minimalist approach to things, with its bare vocals, banging cowbells and three note baselines – is: Haunted Light, their debut album is a shift away from that first EP, and the journey Cap Pas Cap have undertaken seems to have brought the group backwards if anything.

The two main problems that seems to haunt this album (no pun intended), is the absence of former front man Gavin Duffy, and the move away from a new wave minimalist sound to an overdrive of saturated arrangements that aspire to reach the heights of The Flaming Lips and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but gets caught in the web of imitation, sounding more like the soundtrack to some programme about the whereabouts of UFOs in middle America, than an indie rock band from Dublin.

Songs like ‘Ship Shadow’, and ‘Can’t Say’, just seem to tirelessly ramble into four minute wanderings, and despite all the production and edgy synthesizers in the world, they just don’t seem to have a destination.

Every artist likes to where their influence on their sleeves, but the final song on the album, ‘Night Track’, just seems to take the Karen O impersonation from lead singer Grainne Dee to a level that goes beyond the realm of influence. For anyone waiting four years for this record, prepare to be disappointed.

CAP PAS CAP – Friends from Skinny Wolves on Vimeo.

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  • Nay

    Poor review. It strikes me as presumptious to declare “For anyone waiting four years for this record, prepare to be disappointed.” I’m not disappointed. I think it’s great, much fuller and more polished than anything they’ve done so far. As for the bizarre geographical references, last time I checked there was no national sonic identity.

  • sap

    ouch……fair review though.
    4 years and you get a medicore kind of hipster album.I was really looking forward to it too. just disapointing, too polished, no real hooks and kind of a flat sound.

    skinny wolves are great though for bringing over some great bands to play here.

  • there’s some great tracks on the album but it’s very samey in places. it would have made a great EP. i think they’re still developing

  • Mark P

    A dreadfully stupid review. Whining about them not sounding like “an indie band from Dublin” as if anyone with even the slightest ambition should want to sound like an “indie band from Dublin”.