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Caribou – Swim

 1/5 Rating


One man electronic outfit, Caribou, AKA: Daniel Victor Snaith, has an array of musical projects already behind him, this latest venture, Swim, his fifth album to date, is a pleasant mix of electronic ambience and acid house, combined with honey sweet vocals, all fluidly driven through the backdrop of a numerous amount of samples, resulting in a tripped out record that will have you partying well into mid morning.

Snaith holds a PhD in mathematics, and when you listen to his music it kind of makes sense. Each separate track on Swim is calculated like a difficult maths equation, worked out with excellent precision, bringing together something that gets more than just a groove on.

The eerie repetitive opening bass line of ‘Odessa’, sees Snaith combining his subtle vocals into a track that just keeps giving, as does the rest of the album.

Snaith’s ability to fuse his psychedelic, glistening voice into the mix of various samples he uses, makes a record that floats into an abyss of soulful melodies, backed by the repetitive thump of his electronic rhythms.

On tracks like -Found Out’, the eclectic mix of one note guitar hooks and industrial drum loops, result in a track of disjointed proportions that make it only better with every listen.

When recording this album, Snaith confessed to wanting to make: ‘a record that sounds like it’s made out of water rather, than the metallic stuff that most dance music is made of.’ In other words, dance music with a bit of soul and melody. That he has.

CARIBOU – Odessa from Caribou on Vimeo.

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