by / March 1st, 2017 /

Children of Alice – Children of Alice

 3/5 Rating


Children of Alice, their biography rather grandly states, have been quietly producing amorphous and intoxicating soundscapes as part of the Folklore Tapes collective for a number of years now and consists of James Cargill along with his former bandmate Roj Stevens (who played keyboards in Broadcast) and Julian House, co-founder of Ghost Box records.

Their debut Children of Alice is a challenging listen. The word amorphous can mean without a clearly defined shape or form and in the case of bands such as Pink Floyd, Crass, Aphex Twin and Public Image Ltd can lead to something that is both exciting and meaningful. However, amorphous can also mean lacking a clear structure or focus and unfortunately Children of Alice falls into this category.

The album consists of four pieces: ‘Harbinger of Spring’, ‘Rite of the Maypole’, ‘Invocation of a Midsummer Reverie’ and  ‘The Liminal Space’. Amorphous it may be but intoxicating is stretching it just a little bit too far. If you like soundscapes that occasionally give way to the hint of melody this might just be the work for you but if you like your music with melody, structure, rhythm, beat and with something to say then you might want to give this album a miss.

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