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Cian Nugent – Doubles

 1/5 Rating


In a Dublin music scene that is positively bubbling with lo-fidelity indie pop and rock, Cian Nugent’s Doubles stands out in a sort of solitary and lonely way. It is a brooding and cinematic steel guitar LP played in a high style that will be familiar to followers of Jim O’Rourke and Loren Connors. The album is divided between two tracks, ‘Peaks and Troughs’ and ‘Sixes and Sevens’, the first showcasing Nugent’s intricate fingerwork played solo (bar some portentous sounding synth near its conclusion) and the second played in the context of gathering storms of string, woodwind, and percussion musicians.

Two 20 minute tracks might seem like a bit of a handful to the casual music listener, but Nugent’s compositions have such poise and grace that not one second feels redundant. Both tracks progress through increments and dips in tension and resolution, moaning urgency and rippling calm, creating the sort of open-skied musical journey that will appeal to fans of classical guitar and post-rock alike.

Doubles by Cian Nugent

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Cian Nugent plays Whelan’s this Saturday with Goodtime (John) and The European Sensoria Band. (€5 in)

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