by / February 15th, 2010 /

Cobra Starship – Hot Mess

 2/5 Rating


To be fair, the lads (and lass) at Cobra Starship lay their cards on the table from the outset. With purple bubble writing on the album case reading -Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We’re Famous’, it’s safe to assume they don’t take themselves too seriously. And why would they? Hot Mess is an album about being bad and partying. Hard.

A first listen to Hot Mess induced a -cringe’ face, not seen here since Wentz’s wifey Ashlee Simpson, hillbilly danced on Saturday Night Mime, er, we mean Live. Some lyric samples; -I treat her bad, she loves me good’ and -We were hanging in your basement eating pills and falling in love’- now imagine these coupled with cheerleader chants, keytar synths, cock rock solos and vocodered vocals. You get the idea.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to hear Cobra Starship accompanying a house party/overdose scene in Channel Four’s -Skins’ some time soon. Or they might pop up in Gossip Girl, since Leighton Meester who plays Blair, pops up for guest vocals on -Good Girls Go Bad’. With Wentz’s Fall Out Boy reportedly on permanent hiatus, Cobra Starship could easily fill the dead emo space left by the band. They are pretty similar, only with added synths and tongue in cheek. Lying somewhere between Gossip and !!! lie this glorified tribute act. Hot Mess should be taken at face value. It is fashion and it’s fun, but equally its sequined neon splendour seems forced. Expect them to be big on Spin 1038.

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