by / April 12th, 2011 /

Colourmusic – My _____ is Pink

 3/5 Rating

(Memphis Industries)

Apparently a concept album about sexy happenings and with a title that’s like porn Blankety Blank these Oklahoma racket makers are not for the prudish. No wonder Wayne Coyne, a man who litters his Twitter (not a euphemism) with pictures of his naked wife, is a fan….the saucepot.

These kinky goings on are not the only thing the two have in common, Colourmusic are at the sharper end of the pop-psych strata occupied by the Flaming Lips and Black Moth Super Rainbow.

There are echos of the blissed out, trippy fun synonymous with the Lips but Colourmusic manage to take everything from shoegaze, krautrock to electro and attempt to mash it together on one head melting album.

Due to this disconcerting divergence of style, nothing really flows, every track is a singular entity, so you get the opening forgettable trash rattle of ‘Beard’, the cinematic, choir filled beauty of ‘You for Leaving’ and the bizarre Beta Band-esque terrace chant-a-long ‘Yes!’. Neither one fits comfortably with the other, each sounds like a completely different band.

This musical schizophrenia is admirable but it can grow wearisome at times as unfortunately the pick n’ mix nature throws up more liquorice bits than cola bottles. The windswept ’80s pomp of ‘Pororoca’ and the inclusion of the unremarkable ‘Whitby Harbour’ being the most irritating. Although when Colourmusic get it right it is glorious, witness the single ‘Tog’ with its all encompassing, thudding Can-style drumming, whispered vocals and ringing synths it demands repeat listening such is its infectiousness.

Being only their second album you have to wonder where they will go from here and which style they will ultimately choose. If they could hone in on what makes them great, the dark, sexy shoegaze psychedelia and ditch the unnecessary arty dross Colourmusic could be an alluring addition to the acid drenched band of sonic pioneers.

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