by / July 11th, 2013 /

Come On Live Long – Everything Fall

 1/5 Rating

(Live Long Records)

In a world where new artists are as eager to please as a litter of puppies, it’s always a pleasure to come across a band who are comfortable in their own skin at an early stage. Although Come On Live Long haven’t exactly rushed into their debut, they’re still relatively new kids on the block (State first featured them as part of our Faces of 2012 series). Everything Fall, however, has an air of relaxed confidence about it from the off. ‘Wasteland’ is a relaxed, sweeping introduction built around a subtly funky guitar line and the melodic, intertwining vocals of Robert Ardiff and Louise Gaffney.

It’s a trick they repeat with success on ‘Mountains’ and the sparse r’n’b of ‘Little Ones’. By track four though, you do find yourself looking for an injection of energy and thankfully, it arrives in the shape of ‘Say Your Prayers’. While they don’t exactly turn into Motorhead, the track does see Come On Live Long find another gear (albeit second) and it’s a shame then that they choose to follow it with the short, downbeat instrumental ‘Berth’. Momentum lost to some extent, the album starts again with ‘Tide’, a return to the simple, leisurely stride of the first half. Thankfully they take less time to get things moving this time and the sparkling trumpet of ‘Tide’ leads into the album’s highlight, the hand clap led massed vocal of ‘Cybil. Featuring more brass and a natural feel at odds with some of the record, it’s just what Everything Fall needs to see it home.

From there on in, Come On Live Long are pretty much untouchable. ‘Go’ and ‘Billions’ close the record in stunning fashion, finding the perfect blend of their sounds and styles. By sticking to their guns and taking their time, the band have delivered a debut that both impresses and leaves them room to grow. Aside from a little bit of tinkering with the running order, it’s hard to ask for anything more from a first effort.

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