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Craig David – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

 2/5 Rating


When Kylie covered Little Eva‘s (or more specifically Goffin and King) -The Loco-motion’ she struck gold and timed it brilliantly (thanks in no small part to the SAW team). The same cannot be said for Craig David. For easy listening business executives looking to impress this will probably be a required purchase, but beyond that the only thing that could do it justice (aside from destroying the sickeningly cosmetic front cover image) is to issue it with a compilation of the originals. Nothing new is brought to these songs and certainly some magic is clinically removed. All it does is remind the listener just how good the original recordings of most of these tracks were.

The Temptations -Just My Imagination (running away with me)’ is smooth, and David’s voice does give it a good rendition, but other than a soulful sound, again, he brings nothing new to the track. Whilst the Stevie Wonder classic -For Once In My Life’ sounds like an almost note perfect carbon copy – more like an X Factor tribute act than a cover version. The guttural depth and power is not simply lacking, but non-existent on David’s cover of -Mercy Mercy Me’.

The new tracks are solid but hardly earth shattering. Even the -One More Lie’ – his own song features heavy rotation of The Four Tops -Standing in the Shadows of Love’ on the chorus, which is unfortunately the main highlight of the track.

-I Heard it through the Grapevine’ is great and shows just how good a voice Craig David has but this is again just a solid interpretation of a classic single. This seems to be a poor attempt at a comeback and reeks of trying to -rediscover his roots’, but sounds more like -Tonight Matthew I want to me my heroes’ He may well be Slicker than Your Average – and selling over ten million albums world wide deserves a nod, but this collection is not worth wasting your money on. Instead buy yourself a Motown classic compilation.

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  • I really enjoyed this you very, you can hear your pain from listenting to it. You are a very brave person for doing it!!!