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Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Singles Collection

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Their’s are iconic songs that have gone on to be covered by a whole host of artists – from Tina Turner (-Proud Mary’ to Nirvana (-Bad Moon Rising’). Indeed, Creedence were pivotal in shaping the music of future generations across many genres: -Up Around The Bend’was to go on to be a hit single for Hanoi Rocks, while everyone from Bonnie Tyler to REM have covered the rousing -Have You Ever Seen The Rain?’.

For those unfamiliar with Creedence Clearwater Revival: they were a country rock group not unlike The Band, with a strong (and egotistical) key member. The brainchild of John Fogerty (lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter), CCR were hugely successful in the late -60s and early -70s, with singles spread pretty evenly over their seven albums. This nicely packaged collection itself includes all their singles, with B-sides, in chronological order, (along with a poster and DVD, the latter worth it for the psychedelic video accompanying their cover of Screaming Jay Hawkin’s -I Put A Spell On You’.

Despite Fogerty’s superb-song writing, this selection also includes a healthy number of covers, including -I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ , as well as some of their earlier tunes, recorded under the decidedly non-PC moniker of The Golliwogs. Indeed, it wasn’t until Fogerty started penning songs that they began regularly hitting the charts.

The booklet is a bit light on text for Creedence aficionados, and the sleeve images are recycled on the poster and booklet, but as a taster, this near complete collection offers a great insight to a classic singles band, and a reminder of one of the great American songsmiths of his generation.

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