by / September 2nd, 2010 /

Crocodiles – Sleep Forever

 2/5 Rating

(Fat Possum)

It seems you can’t swing a wheelie-binned cat these days without hitting some pointy boots and bulb shades wearing troupe of wannabe Syd Barretts back combing their barnets and peddling their drawling neo psych ‘sounds’ to anyone who’ll stay awake long enough to listen. Heck, if even Cut Copy have ditched the samplers to basically re-record ‘Spread Your Love’ a dozen different ways you know we’ve really gone behind the patchouli scented curtain into banality…

This latest group of big haired chancers are California’s Crocodiles who followed up their beleaguered plagiarism riddled debut Summer of Hate with a brilliant musical riposte, a sloppy, slack-jawed, stoner-drone take on ‘Groove is in the Heart/California Girls’ reminiscent of the grinding, guitar pummelling Sonic Youth gave ‘Get Into the Groove’ back in the day.

Covers aside, this new album was their chance to silence the critics and prove that they didn’t need to rely on the Reid brothers back catalogue to make great psychedelic-tinged pop tunes. Beginning with the Neu! infused chug of ‘Mirrors’ with its tight motorik beat and tangle of keyboards and guitars it’s a promising start.

Sadly things begin to stagnate soon after with the forgettable dirge of ‘Girl in Black’ and the frankly embarrassing Suicide aping ‘Billy Speed’ they begin to morph into the usual Dandy Spaceman Motorcycle Massacre Chain type band that seem to clog up the bill of every dingy club these days. Only the Asteroid # 4 style woozy melody of the title track can snap them back into shape but it is not enough to shake off the feeling that Crocodiles lack the serious bite of their heroes.

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