by / July 2nd, 2012 /

Dan Le Sac – Space Between The Words

 3/5 Rating

(Sunday Best)

Six years after he began producing clever, socially conscious hip hop with Scroobious Pip, Dan Le Sac is finally flying solo. This new found creative independence has resulted in an eclectic record that effortlessly straddles various genres and features his own motley crew of collaborators, including his own musical hero electronic–folk artist Merz, underground rapper B Dolan and indie singer/songwriter Sarah Williams White.

‘Memorial’ is a strong introduction with gothic, trip-hop influenced production and ethereal vocals, while ‘Tuning’ follows with a pulsating, speaker rattling piece of electro house yet while the beats are fantastic, the vocal is a bit more Dizee Rascal than alternative hip hop. Things take a sinister turn with the twisted robotic nightmare that is ‘Good Time Gang War’. What begins as Aphex Twin style electronica suddenly develops into something actually worth dancing to but the same cannot be said of ‘Caretaker’. B Dolan’s grimmey rap along side a gentle female vocal and distorted guitars producing a sound that is indecisive and without direction.

Still within Le Sac’s world of dance music there are some unexpected nuggets of alternative pop. The folktronica inspired ‘Zephyr’ (featuring Merz) and the slinky electro of ‘Break Of Dawn’ are among the most radio friendly on the album but it’s the album’s lead single ‘Play Along’ with Sarah Williams White that has the obvious cross over potential. The mix of chopped up electronic hip hop and the cool, casual swagger of White’s vocal, compliment each other brilliantly creating a damn near perfect pop tune. All in all, however, Space Between The Words is merely a consistent album covering the entire spectrum of dance music. Who knows, though, the presence of ‘Play Along’ might just rescue from relative leftfield obscurity and put it on the iPod shuffle of the masses.

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