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Dance/Electronic roundup – August 2009

Let’s Post Funk! No joke, this is the sound that just keeps on coming. Post Funk takes smooth R&B, ruffles up the beats and adds some outlandish synthesizer melodies. The result is a highly addictive, gooey mess that sounds like Prince on horse tranquilisers. Play some Post Funk and watch friends and strangers getting drawn into the groove. First heads start nodding, then shoulders start moving and soon enough booties are swaying.

Débruit is the top geezer in the Post Funk game. On his subtly titled Let’s Post Funk EP, Débruit teams up with Om’mas Keith – the man behind the huge Post Funk tune ‘Wind It Up’ – to deliver two outstanding songs. ‘I’m Goin Wit You’ features Om’Mas on vocals, nuttier than psychedelic 70’s funkateer Bootsy Collins but smooth enough to melt peanut butter. ‘Soles Sweat’ on the flip side is a bit easier to get into the first time, with its straight Miami booty bass. Two killer tracks for all who like their operators smooth as Isaac Hayes or Snoop Dogg.

‘Purple Love’ is another Post Funk classic in the making and cleverly nods at His Purple Highness of yesteryear, the doomed Prince himself. The track is by Silkie vs Mizz Beats and you can get it on a 12″ that also features the jazzy ‘Test’, which re-introduces the saxophone for all you 80’s heads.

A bit more out there is the split 12″ by Mickey Pearce and Martin Kemp on the Blunted Robots label. The action here is on Martin’s flip ‘No Charisma’ with its UK Garage flavours and wonky hook. Mickey’s ‘Innami’ is a smooth, dubby mover that rounds off a seriously strong package.

The fact that artists as diverse and respected as Berlin Techno geezer T++ and UK Dubstep don Shackleton started remixing Post Funk tracks shows there is real potential in this style. Three remixes of tracks by post funkateers Moderat are currently making the rounds on the Unofficial Mixes Pt1 EP on the 50 Weapons Label. Get one for the Shackleton mix of ‘Rusty Nails’ alone.

Meanwhile, the syncopated bass drum thump of Caribbean Soca continues spreading like mad in the UK underground. Newcomers Apple and Bubblez are morphing the booty shaking Caribbean drum sounds further into underground dance shapes. Apple’s ‘Mr Bean’ means peak time business for busy dancefloors: Hard, fast and adorned with just enough Soca flavour to take the party higher. Bubblez stays a bit closer to the Carib roots of Soca and delivers the double-A side killer ‘Move Down Low’ b/w ‘Loser’ which stirs up House, Funk and Dubstep into one lethal cocktail.

On the other side of the Atlantic, our US brethren are drawing inspiration from Jamaican Dancehall, unleashing the mighty Major Lazer with ‘Hold The Line’. Among the multitude of mixes it’s the original with its Surf guitar intro that still does it best. Diplo and Switch are responsible for this banger which will have people moving even if they are usually into more genteel fair.

Major Lazer – “Hold The Line” ft. Mr. Lexx and Santigold

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