by / January 28th, 2013 /

Dancing Suns – Goldmine

 1/5 Rating

(Transplant Records)

Working under the moniker Dancing Suns, Nina Hynes and French producer Fabian Leseure have created a quirky, beautiful, and at times mystical collection of tracks. The project (brought to life with the help of a fan donation site) is remarkably accomplished and polished with the lush orchestral arrangements and layered vocals giving the album’s sound a sheen usually reserved for big budget affairs.

‘The World’ can only be described as a burst of musical sunshine with a childlike optimism, complete with sweeping instrumentation, triumphant brass melodies and a choir declaring ‘we’ve got everything that we need’ thrown in to boot. However the sound takes a sinister turn with the dark and lingering atmosphere of ‘Cuckoo’ and again on ‘Tarnished’, its cinematic piano intro, angelic vocals and haunting whistles combine to create a sound that is stunning yet disturbing. The soft guitar strums and subtle percussion of ‘Mexico’, meanwhile, is an understated piece of folk tenderness which lends itself well to Hynes’ delicate voice. “Men don’t know how to love” she sings on ‘Black Eagle’ – a stand out moment, with lavish orchestral arrangements, with textures of multiple vocalists creating a rich, full sound.

“It is not enough to write only for myself as without a record, the songs are not fully realized like a half-baked cake that can’t be eaten” Hynes recently said via her Fundit page. There is nothing half baked about Goldmine. Yes, some moments taste sweeter then others, but as a whole there is little to dislike here. An ambitious collaboration that will hopefully see Hynes and her co-conspirator continue to work together for a long time to come.

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