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David Kitt – The Nightsaver

 1/5 Rating

(Gold Spillin’ Records)

It’s probably easier for David Kitt to just get on with things these days without having to constantly check over his shoulder for expectations of him. No longer is he the Kitt of Small Moments and The Big Romance – the reclusive stoner, hunched over an 8-track through the wee hours, trying not to wake students in the other bedsits. Nor is he the loved-up puppy of 2003’s ironically hard-to-love Square 1. That honeymoon cooled, leaving Kittser to toil away uninterrupted. Cue a 2004 covers collection (The Black And Red Notebook), and 2006’s defiant and gently arse-kicking Not Fade Away.

And so it was that the way was paved for The Nightsaver, Kittser’s seventh album. Two years in the making, The Nightsaver will stand out as being less cluttered with the man’s personal manifestos or conceptual themes than other works. The songcraft is still the work of some elusive sixth sense. There are new tricks afoot too. -Move It On’, with its calming Susumu Yokota-isms, will kill MGMT when they hear it. The heated second half of -Learning How To Say Goodbye’ is a step into new sonic territory. It sounds like he summoned Robert Johnson from the dead on -No Truth In Your Eyes’, and the gentle disco of -It’s Yours’ has an unforgettably squeaky guitar riff. -Don’t Wake Me Up’ is like Foals on tranquilisers.

He sounds happy with his lot. Well, not happy happy – Kitt could be in the throws of an orgasm, you suspect, and emit little more than a nasal sigh to indicate such – but the motorik tempos are chipper (I swear you can hear merengue at one point), and imbued with a swagger of confidence.

Like one of those films that reveals new plot devices each time you watch it, this LP is a rich brew, and deserves to be dwelt on when it has finished playing and silence has ensued.

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  • Ciaran

    square one is a great record.

  • bulby

    I know.. although it is a bit fruity, it does have some great songs on it and, as a whole, was a decent album.

  • yeah i was gonna say the same. Could sorta see why someone adverse to an album of love songs wouldn’t be too sold on it, but never thought it deserved the scorn it got at the time.

  • Roo

    best album yet

  • Animes

    i love david kitt, this album is amazing xx