by / June 8th, 2010 /

Delorean – Subiza

 1/5 Rating

(True Panther)

Delorean’s Ayrton Senna EP soundtracked many a summer party last year with its Balearic beats and sunshine melodies. The Barcelona-based foursome finally fulfilled some of the promise that was present in their earlier work and well-received remixes for the likes of The XX and Franz Ferdinand only strengthened their reputation. Subiza is their third studio album and the first full length to feature guitarist Guillermo Astrain.

From the off Subiza is a sugar-rush of upbeat melodies, hazy vocals and huge synths. Opener ‘Stay Close’, carries on where Ayrton Senna left off, synthesized vocal samples coming in and out backed by a happy hand clap-lead beat. The band unashamedly embrace all the cliches of early ’90s techno, house and rave, throwing in synth arpeggios, piano bridges and arm-waving build-ups destined to be lit by setting suns and neon lights.

Despite drawing most heavily from ’90s club culture, there are hints of more varied influences such as the pitch-shifted vocal shuffles peppering the album, which given the musical context sound like they were lifted from rain-sodden London dubstep and relocated to a beach in Italy somewhere. Much of the background sounds, the super fast synth lines and samples that come in at the end of lines, are reminiscent of probably the only song that soundtracked more parties last summer, Animal Collective’s ‘My Girls’.

There are no real standout tacks on Subiza, just a cohesive, forty-odd minute rave. It flows like a really good DJ set, one song blending into another so the fun never seems to stop. Its difficult to know what to call the music Delorean make but names are highly unlikely to matter as there is a good chance you’ll be dancing and/or enjoying a cool drink beside a warm sea somewhere in your mind. This is music to shut out the world to. Leave all your worries at the door and have a good time, Delorean are here to help.

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