by / October 15th, 2014 /

Delorentos – Night Becomes Light

 1/5 Rating


There always seems to be a back story when it comes to a new Delorentos album. From National Student Music Awards and their swift initial Irish success to that still bizarre temporary split, it’s been an eventful nine years. Things are clearly on a more even keel now, but the subsequent Choice Prize win and major label deal does focus attention on album number four and how it performs.

It’s a test that Night Becomes Light passes with ease. ‘Home Again’ – a subtle, confident opening – proves that they’re on solid ground, progressing but not at a pace that will place their enhanced status in jeopardy. ‘Show Me Love’ was tailor made for a lead single but feels a touch too by the numbers for its own good, although fortunately it’s a trap they manage to avoid from here on in. While Little Sparks peaked early, Night Becomes Light reveals its charms gradually. ‘Forget The Numbers’ adds a slight electronic feel to their trademark catchy pop sound, while ‘Everybody Else Gets Wet’ builds from a taut simplicity. Not that they’re afraid to have a go at epic, with both ‘Too Late’ and standout track ‘Valley Where The Rivers Run’ turning up the drama.

Assured from start to finish, Delorentos can even offer a peon to their hometown (‘Dublin Love Song’) that doesn’t leave you curled up in a ball of embarrassment. Yes they’re not exactly swimming against the musical tide but that makes the results all the more impressive, that in a world full of guitar bands they can still leave their mark. Another potential hurdle cleared with few difficulties, there’s even the feeling that the real Delorentos story is only just starting.

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