by / May 18th, 2016 /

Eagulls – Ullages

 3/5 Rating

(Partisan Records)

The gloomy sophomore LP from Eagulls is the anagram-tastic Ullages. Following on from 2014’s self-titled effort, Ullages is rendered immediately identifiable by the impassioned vocals of George Mitchell but trades propulsive, driving post punk for booming production that calls to mind The Cure, especially when it comes to vocal delivery. ‘Heads or Tails’ lurches slowly to life over a looping riff, ushering in the record with less a bang than a sigh. ‘Euphoria’ is where Ullages really gets going, over a similar formula but with more of a sense of drive.

The transition from debut to sophomore record has seen a significant reduction in the sense of rampant energy, but is no less melodic for that. In juxtaposing the vast, booming musical backdrop and confessional, pained vocals on the likes of ‘My Life In Rewind’, the Leeds based quintet show real signs of growth and progression. And while the lyrical content is angsty and bleak-sounding, it complements the sonic palette and draws you further into the world of Ullages.

Definitely a record that gets progressively better with each listen and bearing clear signs of a group that are improving and will continue to do so and grow into themselves, Ullages is a worthy effort, and when it hits its peaks – such as on the swooning interlude ‘Harpstrings’ bleeding into the strident ‘Velvet’ – Eagulls prove themselves as a blossoming, developing force to be reckoned with.

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