by / June 5th, 2009 /

Electronic and Dance release roundup

Here is a new column with bit of a Dance flavour to complement the current EP Roundup. If you like ELECTRONIC music and you like to DANCE, read on for the best new EPs and 12″ singles.

Soca House looks like the New Thing in London. Not a million miles away from Brazilian Samba, the Soca sounds of the Caribbean are based on heavy percussion and a shuffling bass drum that cures all cases of dancefloor paralysis. Now imagine that beat electrified and played by somebody who was weaned on Deep House and you get Cooly G, the latest signing to London’s Hyperdub label. Cooly G’s Love Dub three track EP kicks off with ‘Narst’, a straight Soca dub instrumental with loads of neat percussion and the trademark Soca bass drum, driving but slightly off-kilter.

The B-side ‘Love Dub’ is a smooth vocal that brings me right back to UK Garage and Two Step days in 1998/99. Cooly G herself provides the vocals in a sultry after hours style over a deep Soca bass drum and some gentle Rhodes-style electric piano. Great music for deck chair lounging.

The venerable Ninja Tune label run by rave veterans Coldcut is also backing the Soca trend and has released the ‘Soca Soundsystem EP’ by Canadian producer Ghislain Poirier. The fast beats and furious patois rhyming could be coming at you straight from a Caribbean dance hall or a hip hop jam in Queens. Grab a whistle and join in.

’nuff Soca for now. Various Production show that you don’t need to go Caribbean to have a mental party tune. Their ‘Trycycle EP’ on Fire Records features three tracks. The killer here is the instrumental title track. ‘Trycycle’ builds like a BIG French House record a la Justice only BIGGER and when it is time for the beats to drop, they hit even HARDER.

Various Production also have the best ballad this week with their remix of ‘As It Stops Raining’ by indie act Georgia’s Horse. It’s a tightrope walk between beauty and disturbing intensity as Various turn the little girl vocals into a steamy, sensual stutter.

Moving on to something a bit more mellow, the Ramp label has two totally fresh EPs out that are worth a spin. NYC producer Drew Lustman, aka Falty DL, moves from Dubstep to ambient on his -To London’ EP. Check out the very chilled-out closer ‘Tom’.

Ramps second new EP comes, the five-track ‘Whole Wide World’ combines fluid hip hop beats by Flying Lotus and vocals by Declaime and Pattie Blingh. Check out the instrumental of the title track which makes the most of the song’s melancholic Brazilian Bossa Nove sample.

Finally, if you are looking for something really fresh, get a copy of ‘Do It’ b/w -Psychedelic Journey’ by the enigmatically named Joker. This is a shimmering, shape-shifting beast that manages to put the Funk in Dubstep. Like Prince and Lee ‘The Upsetter’ Perry locked up together in an all-night cinema playing spaghetti westerns.

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