by / June 8th, 2009 /

EP Reviews: Skruff, Colenso Parade, Bocs Social, Bipolar Empire

Skruff – EP

Lead track -Fabulous Weapon’ might not do anything of mind-blowing musical note but is radio-friendly fare from the Derry indie rock foursome that will at least stick in its listener’s head, if not in their long-term memory.

-Set it All on Fire’ tests vocal strengths and suffers a little from over-repetition but as is the general case with this EP, there is little to either offend or interest the ear. An energetic and tuneful effort, but bar the confusion of a hillbilly/metal final outburst concealed as a secret track, it is lacking in imagination.

Colenso Parade – You and Me Against an Old Routine

Nice Northerners Colenso Parade are without a doubt a pop rock formation, and -Smile’ even teeters on the brink of being a corny love song – given the chance, it seems that these guys would be more than ready to serenade a tweenage market with gusto. -Shine a Light’ proves that they can touch on a rockier sound, while the jaunty -I Walked, You Skipped’ is right back to unashamed and quite charming pop.

With their upbeat backing vocals and chirpy lyrics to boot, Colenso Parade are far from muso material, but should the cards play out in their favour, this band has no reason not to enjoy a little success.

Bocs Social – EP #1

Hailing from the musical hotspot of Wicklow, Bocs Social bravely claim to play -music to dance to’. -You Said It All’, a laid back and less than impressive number with somewhat jilted vocals, doesn’t quite live up to this goal. -Whoa’ however, is quite funky, and far closer to the ska ideal that the east coast men are trying to achieve.

-24 Hours’ does its best with a set of synths but ends up plodding along as nothing particularly special, and -Aggressive Broccoli’ isn’t as ingenious as its quirky title might suggest. Bocs Social would like to be stand out from the crowd, but will need to try a bit harder before they achieve such a feat.

Bipolar Empire – Feel that you own it (single)

Bipolar empire have a quite a lot going on in this short-but-sweet track, warbly vocals galore and enough busy multi-instrumentation to beat, well, the band. A debut single with quite a bite – here’s to the EP.

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