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EP Roundup – Biggles Flies Again, The Hollows

Biggles Flies Again – Chocks Away

Chocks Away is a three-track EP recorded by Conor Deasy a.k.a. Biggles Flys Again. All three tracks were recorded in a single day back in May 2008 in the now defunct Great Wall of Sound Studios. Each track is a lazy, hazy wandering summer ballad with acoustic, guitar, keyboard, stylophone, ukulele and em, glockenspiel. But before you go thinking this is everything-but-the-kicthen-sink-twee think again. The arrangements are sparse and enjoyably subtle. Deasy’s vocal is warm and familiar. Lead track -Your House’ is immediately reminiscent of The Beatles but in the best possible way. It’s the kind of song you’d want to drink beer to in your back garden. The instrumentation on -Farewell’, which was included on a compilation album released by Series Two Records in January 2009, has a definite Magnetic Fields feel to it with touches of Elliot Smith. It’s a beautiful bundle of songs leaving you wanting more. Conor hopes to release another Biggles Flys Again EP later in the summer while his band The Gandhis are in the middle of recording their first album which will be available from 1969 Records in September / October 2009.
‘Chocks Away’ is currently on sale in Road Records. Go on, buy it.

The Hollows – Broken Notes for Winter Homes EP

In an age gone mad for dubstep and Scandinavians with synth-pop songs about finding their dog (FYI: State ♥’s CasioKids), Dublin group The Hollows are moving at a refreshingly slow pace. We’re talking about a Galaxie 500 or early Low pace; all five tunes on the Broken Notes for Winter Homes EP move to the same unhurried tempo. On top of that each song has abounding lyrics regarding some serious life experiences. But that doesn’t make it drab or dreary. Instead it’s mellow and comforting lo-fi folk; a mixture of acoustic instruments with warm anologue (or analogue sounding) electronics. Like all their music, the five songs were recorded at home by Greg and Gary; then mixed and mastered by their friend Steve Fanagan, who runs the Slow Loris label with Greg. The end product is an impressive piece of work. It’s lush in a subdued way, and a fulfilling listen. On -Grand Plans and Hospital’ the boys sing about mending a broken heart; on -Fifteen Winters’ Greg sings ‘There’s a hole in my ear where your voice used to be’, stirring stuff.

What’s most precious about Winter Homes is that it gets better with each listen; a record you will consciously want to revisit.

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