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EP roundup: Femmepop, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Autumn Owls & more


Femmepop – Kick EP

Looking at the case, State was expecting five saccharine, sweet, lovey, dovey completely un-inspired songs. Instead, we found an honest, airy offering that sparkles in all the right places. It’s no wonder that the comparisons to Tanya Donnelly have already started because Femmepop (aka Margaret O’Sullivan) has a voice that you could listen to hours on end. The title track ‘Kick’ features Chris Geddes of Belle & Sebastian on keyboards, lending a gentle, melodic start, setting the sincere, heartfelt tone for the rest of the EP.
And don’t let the EP cover put you off – this is not frivolous pop to be ignored. State recommends you keep an eye on this Cork woman.

Buy EP.

Autumn Owls

Autumn Owls – Insomnia Lodge EP

The debut EP from Autumn Owls isn’t exactly bad – it just left State feeling a little er, under-whelmed. Heavily influenced by Wilco and Radiohead, this Dublin five-piece sounds like they need a shot of espresso and a good kick up the arse. -Submission Serenade’ was likeable and the gravelly vocals on -Love is Just a Place’ impress but the EP itself was downright dreary.It may be called -Insomnia Lodge’ but this debut EP put State right to sleep. Yawn.

Buy from Road Records.


The Spikes – Hypnotised

-Hypnotised’ is the first single from The Spikes debut album and we like what we hear. Sturdy drum beats, great guitar riffs, catchy chorus. What’s not to like? The Spikes have already had some critical and commercial success and it looks like there’ll be more to come. Previous single -Showman’ was used on the Munster rugby team’s Heineken Cup victory DVD and -Love No More’ made Phantom FM’s 100 top tracks of 2006.

-Hypnotised’ will available June 20th for download from

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Grand Pocket Orchestra – Little Messy

-Little Messy’ is the peculiar new single from Grand Pocket Orchestra. State has been a fan of the band since the charming debut EP -Odd Socks’. The new single, released June 20th doesn’t stray from the quirky, catchy format of the previous offerings and is very likeable indeed. You may think that this bouncy, frisky, playful pop is just in vogue and not your cup of tea, but Grand Pocket Orchestra are damn good at what they do.

The single will be available for free download from RCRD LBL from June 20th.


Foy Vance

Foy Vance – Shed A Little Light (Future Cut Remix)

Blues from Bangor? Yep. And it’s pretty good too. The new Foy Vance single -Shed A Little Light’ is soulful, catchy number that will have you singing along in the shower, the car, in the lift…you won’t be able to get this song or his voice out of your head.

Available from iTunes and usual download platforms.

More EP reviews later this week.

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  • Interesting new single from GPO. Think it shows their diversity nicely.

  • john

    Not exactly new.. Been on their myspace for agessssss. Great song though.

  • Yep, I prefer it to anything on their EP. Nice change of pace for them too. That Foy Vance song is slick too.

  • liam

    good to see the review of Kick EP its really great. very fresh very cool..

  • gareth williams

    its great you guys have picked up on the amazing talents of femmepop her sound is breath of fresh air and her EP is amazing shes gonna go far i reckon!!! gaz

  • Nay

    Tha Spikes 4 Life!

    Femmepop’s pretty good too. Been meaning to pick up Kick for a while now. She’s the bees’…

  • richard

    femmepop… a virgin touched for the very first time…feels so good inside