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EP roundup – Kill Krinkle Club, Star Little Thing, Vertigo Smyth..

Kill Krinkle Club

Kill Krinkle Club -The Bloody Murder of Krinkle

Kill Krinkle Club are Justin Cummins and Elena Bergman – one Irish, one Swedish. The 6 songs on the EP are reflective, twinkling electronica-fused skewed pop. It sounds naive and calculated all at once with a hypnotic, laid-back atmosphere. It may be a downbeat affair but there are enough ambient flourishes and vocal melodies to keep your attention. The last track ‘Lakes’ is the highlight of the bunch with a combination of guitar and synth arpeggio backing a lovely Elena-sung melody and Justin’s opening monologue. State will be keeping an eye out for Kill Krinkle Club.


Buy EP from Road Records.


Star Little Thing – This Is My Life

One thing State noticed about Star Little Thing is that they play an awful lot of launch parties. Just an observation but the close alignment with the world of Marketing/PR without any upcoming headline gigs leaves us feeling slightly suspect. Their next gig is in The Button Factory for a Fashion Evolution event with another band known for playing launch parties – Dirty Epics. So how do they fare musically?

The title track is reminscent of early-nineties baggy music like Flowered Up’s ‘Weekender’ or mid-’90s fusion of dance and rock. How much you like this song depends on how much you like that description. The song lacks any readily discernable structure and sounds like a five and a half minute refrain. It is immaculately produced however. ‘In The Grass of My Past’ is more immediate tune with a rolling dark synth line and a dark beat. There are some nice musical ideas but the whole thing isn’t grabbing us. Maybe it’s too polished? Or maybe, it’s a case of style over substance like those launch parties?


Video: This is my Life

Vertigo Smyth

Vertigo Smyth – Future Happiness EP

Straight outta Ennis, comes Vertigo Smyth’s debut EP. His favourite albums list include Beck’s Sea Change, Jeff Buckley’s Grace and Neil Young’s Harvest. Despite his own material sharing an acoustic commonality with these records, the end result is a lot more playful and carefree and the 4 tracks here fly by. Opener ‘Comfort Me’ is a lovely ukulele-led number with handclaps and delightfully subtle backing vocals. ‘Dirty Blue’ admonishes hipster jeans in a laidback fashion complete with brass-mimicking mouth solo. A promising debut release.

Vertigo Smyth – Comfort Me



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This Bastard Rain

This Bastard Rain – ..Will Crush Us All

This woozy, lo-fi 5-track starts with bags of noise and distortedly drunk-on-whiskey guitars and a man with a gruff male voice singing over it. The song is about the current governor of Tokyo. So far, so weird. In ‘The Song of Tereus’ the singer takes the narrative role of Tereus in Greek mythology. A lovely man who violated his wife’s sister, then cut out her tongue so she couldn’t tell anyone. It’s strangely compelling, like a slightly off-key Nick Cave murder ballad. ‘El Sangre Sagrado’ leads us further into the darkness. The Bastard Rain are a discordant mix of archaic folk, lo-fi, chamber music and rock.

This Bastard Rain – The Song of Tereus



The EP will be available via this site and Road Records from May 15th.

Video: ‘Yukio Mishima’ live at the Boom Boom Room

More EP reviews next week.

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  • Nice round up!

  • John

    Kill Crinkle Club are definitely worth checking out. Saw them upstairs in Whelans a few weeks back supporting Subplots. Sound was muddy with a very talkative crowd but still a great show.

  • Cool – ill go check them out
    Im looking forward to catching Vertigo Smyth tomorrow night in Galway

  • brid carey

    kill krinkle club, are a very sexy band with lakes as mentioned in your review as top dog. I think it could easily get into the charts not unlike the GALWAY GIRL. It makes you feel like getting up and dancing to it.
    love your mag, Brid Carey

  • aye, KKC were great at the Subplots single launch apart from the crap sound. it only seems to be crap in 2 out of the 3 little rooms though.

  • we are sharing a brain on the launch thing

  • we are sharing a brain on the launch thing

    You knows it.