by / November 4th, 2009 /

EP roundup: Land Lovers, Brian Cullen’s Love Bullets, Disconnect 4

Land Lovers – Immovable Feet

Immovable Feet is the second release from Land Lovers, the brainchild of Padraig Cooney. Wordy indie pop is their specialty, and Immoveable Feet is pleasingly refreshing to that end.

The eponymous ‘Immoveable Feet’ and ‘Paul Tracey Probably Knows’ showcase the inherent wit and ear for a cutesy melody that Land Lovers possess, at times echoing Belle & Sebastian and Brendan Benson in equal parts. At times it’s all a bit overly-twee, but be safe in the knowledge that they obviously know their way around a well-crafted pop tune blindfolded. Buckets of natural talent and a sprinkling of all the “right” influences will, hopefully, only continue to guide Land Lovers to all the right places.

Brian Cullen’s Love Bullets – Otherwise It WIll Be This Way Forever

Dublin 3-piece Brian Cullen’s Love Bullets follow up last summer’s Bring In Your Dead EP release with another chunk of post-punk tinged rawk in ‘Otherwise It WIll Be This Way Forever’, released on their own Cleft Palate Records.

Clearly nestling somewhere comfortably between post-punk and shoegaze, which at times veers into dirge territory, BCLB cut an unusual figure in how they utilise their quite ubiquitous and trendy influences. The eponymous opening track somehow comes off as a synth-backed early Snow Patrol, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, while ‘Killing For Company’ evokes the spirit of Hannett-era Joy Divison, segueing easily into the similarly-influenced ‘It’s Pretty Much Over Already’. There are flashes of brilliance here, particularly in vocalist Stephen Cadwell’s flat Dublin inflections and their way around a bassline. Definitely worth a listen for something different

Clockwork Noise – Yes and No and Everything In Between

Yes and No and Everything In Between, the second release from Bray band Clockwork Noise has been four years in the making, following their 2005 release “If I Wanted, I Could”. Bolstered by violinist and cellist Blaithnaid Healy, the band continue to carve out a unique niche for themselves as a big-sounding indie band with a twist.

At first, vocalist Robert Maguire’s American, emo-indebted vocals are cloying, but paired with a big-hearted indie sound, it does work, to a point. Opener ‘The Cold Shoulder’ and ‘Choose Your Words’ certainly show that Clockwork Noise aren’t short a catchy, fiddle-laden tune or two. Filled to the brim with warmth and emotion, there’s no doubt that there’s a Frames-shaped hole in the market for Clockwork Noise to occupy, and there’s certainly enough potential here for them to begin filling that hole.

Disconnect 4 – Modern Love EP

Galway’s Disconnect 4 have finally gotten it all down on CD following a solid two years’ touring, with their debut EP, Modern Love. Their polished indie-dance has been attracting all the right kind of attention of late, and the cuts offered here are more of the same for those acquainted.

Opening track ‘Eighteen’ has the hallmarks of an indie disco classic, all squelchy synths and saw-edged riffs backing up Leon Butler’s slightly mournful Kele Okereke-esque delivery, while ‘Modern Love’ races along, tripping over 80’s keyboard and delicate guitar flicks. Disconnect 4 bear all the hallmarks of a generic NME-darling-level indie band, the question is whether they have the substance to bring it to an international level, something that has so far eluded every half-decent Irish indie band of their ilk. ‘Til then, relish their pulsating basslines and addictive synth hooks.

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