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EP Roundup – Pocket Promise, Angel She’s A Killer, Green Lights, Jimmy Behan, Rachel Austin


Pocket Promise – Waving at Strangers

Pocket Promise, formed some seven years ago, have just released their debut EP and boy, it’s an accomplished release. Recorded in Black Box Studios, France and produced by Dave Odlum, who previously worked with the Frames and Gemma Hayes. ‘Facing Down’, the lead track hooks us from the very beginning with a melodic guitar, up-tempo beat and piano and when the vocals come in, all warm and heartfelt, we realise that the Tyrone four piece have created something very pleasant indeed. The other four tracks are as emotive and lovely as the first, with ‘Safety in Numbers’ bringing the EP to an instrumental close. All in all, we are impressed with this effort. We just hope we don’t have to wait seven years for the album.

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Angel She's a Killer

Frend – Angel she’s a Killer

Frend, a limited 10″ and accompanying art booklet, is special, in every sense of the word. Frend (not a typo) is the first instalment of a series of albums championing the close relationship between visual art and music. This initial chapter works wonderfully as a package. It provides a platform for some of the best talent in Irish music and visual art, including Adrian Crowley, Goodtime John, MeNoFemBo (Una Mullally and friends), to show their wares. Subsequent instalments of the series will incorporate talents from further a field, (Volume Two promises only contributions from Canadian artists). The cynical among us may be of the opinion that it is a little pretentious and a little too cool for it’s own sake but, if you embrace it for what it is, you’ll think it’s wonderful too.

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Green Lights

Green Lights – Small Curious Things

This sure is… interesting. Starting with an electronic instrumental then heading into bland rock band territory, this EP shows that, although the Green Lights have potential, they just don’t quiet make this genre-hopping, throw-everything-in-but-the-kitchen-sink EP work.

Incorporating many musical elements can work wonderfully for others, but the Green Lights need to re-assess their approach. A shame that this doesn’t really hit the mark, as the Monaghan lads obviously have an abundance of talent.

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Jimmy Behan – In the Sudden Distance EP

Apparently, his current work “focuses on finding emotional connections between the physicality of sounds and their contexts and the In the Sudden Distance EP attempts to capture that moment when the present suddenly becomes the past, rendering the passing of time as a sudden shift in perspective”. Right so..

Nice and all as this EP is, it sounds like something a shyster yoga teacher or some such new age leader may try to sell you to help find your inner-self/spirit guide/whatever. Maybe I’m just not deep enough to fully appreciate Behan’s “emotional connections between the physicality of sounds and their contexts” but judge for yourself and get the free download from

Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin – Hello My Uglies

Although only three tracks long, we lean very quickly that Rachel Austin has a magical ability to combine melody and emotion. Her jazz, folk and indie influences are apparent and her poetic lyrics that give her an edge on her competition. Our favourite is the dramatic ‘Go Away’. We likes what we hear.


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  • Have to check out that Pocket Promise EP, just for David Odlum. That man is a legend.

  • Matmos #2

    I heard that Rachel Austin CD recently myself randomly! I did like! I think I saw Green lights at the weekend in Whelans upstairs. Weird drum machines and loud guitars was the theme of the gig I believe! Not a bad thing at all!

  • I agree Matmos! Have seen Green Lights a number of times and they get better every time. That instrumental opener on the EP Port Tunnel is hopefully the shape of things to come (in that they will become more adventurous and i suppose experimental with that vast talent, which they definitely seem to be doing live)

  • Your review of Jimmy Behans work is pretty lame, I think you should have a second listen and then go pick yourself up one of these ‘inner-self/spirit guide/whatever’
    they are worlds apart and you do neither a justice. A better appraisal of Behans work would be to say he has left the pop melody behind from his first ‘days are what we live’ and gone down a more experimental route, I agree its harder to connect with this ep for that reason but Behan has constructed some interesting soundscapes here and I would see this ep as a work in progress, still def worth a listen.

  • Luke

    Yeah! go green lights.. that song was in ashlings diary.. goin up in the world!! gotta say the whole keyboard bassy thing works well, and for just 3 guys they can realy fill a stage not to mention the floor…