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EP roundup: Ugly Megan, Gorgeous Colours, Hoarsebox, Escape Act

Ugly Megan

Ugly Megan – The Gavin, Megan and Oisin EP

We liked this EP on first listen but the sweet boy/girl vocals and accompanying synths lose their appeal rapidly. The Gavin, Megan and Oisin EP starts off promisingly with the insanely catchy ‘High Life’ but the irritating ‘JACKET! JACKET! JACKET!’ starts to grate very quickly. The band manage to redeem themselves a little with the Snoop Dogg cover ‘What’s My Name’ and fourth track, ‘One Night at My House’ isn’t bad. The last track, ‘Bad Television’ is like listening to your Atari on overdrive. If you’re not tripping when listening, it’ll annoy the hell out of ya.

To sum up, the EP is about as memorable as exposed brick but it has a couple of great songs that are definitely worth a listen..


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Gorgeous Colours

The Gorgeous Colours – Album Sampler

The Gorgeous Colours’ album sampler is just over twenty minutes long and bestows five songs from their soon to be released debut album. The up tempo number ‘Means’ start us off on the right foot and the energy is maintained throughout the five songs. It’s hard to describe The Gorgeous Colour’s style, especially when you listen to songs like the new download-only single ‘Holy Moley’. Throwing monk-like chanting, cowbells, delicate melodies and ska stop/start rhythms to the mix, the Colours combine these elements to create something very special. These five songs tease us and leave us gagging for the album…


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Hoarsebox – Rosey

‘Rosey’, the new single from Hoarsebox, demands your attention right from the beginning. This feel-good song is part rock, part soul with shed loads of energy. All members of the band contribute to the vocals, creating intricate harmonies throughout the song. The boppy b-side, ‘Do it to the Letter’ solidifies the band’s winning formula. The choral vocals combined with punchy guitar and piano will have you tapping, clapping and singing along.

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Escape Act

Escape Act – God Says

Escape Act’s new single ‘God Says’ sounds like a more polished version of Symposium, with similar distorted guitars and catchy, melodic choruses. If you like upbeat, indie tunes circa 1995, you’ll love this.

‘God says’ out June 9th.

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  • Ugly Megan are a Great Band and the Gavin Megan and oisin EP is anything but forgetable,That is all