by / September 16th, 2013 /

Factory Floor – Factory Floor

 1/5 Rating


We’re told that good things come to those that wait. That’s why Guinness drinkers savour the waiting time as the pint-o-plain settles, it’s why pork belly takes half a day of slow and low cooking to get it right and it’s why it’s been worth the eight year wait for Factory Floor to release their debut album. Sure we’ve had the 12 inchers, the EPs and their re-mix work but it has taken the London based trio this long to bring their eponymous long player to fruition. And has it been worth the wait? You bet yer little cotton socks it has.

This is Factory four to the Floor. It’s hard, metronomic, stripped back to basics, no frills electro dance. As the songs unfold their beats and phrases phase in and out of synch like a Steve Reich composition. The pared back rhythms drive on the tracks as synth lines and detached vocals try to distract us from those relentless beats. But the beat is strong and we are mere weak mortals that cannot resist, we gotta dance, just gotta dance. We’re trapped in the relentless groove laid down by these austere mechanoids.

This is an album that benefits from repeated listens. What initially may seem stark, cold and monotonic slowly reveals itself to have hidden depth and playfulness. From the “aint no school like an old skool” quasi- techno opener of ‘Turn It Up’ to the closing proto-house baleric beats of ‘Breathe In’, via the excellent scuzzed out keyboard driven ‘How You Say’, we’re brought on a merry, acidic genre hopping disco song and dance. If you were lucky enough to see them rip the Little Big Tent apart at this year’s Electric Picnic you’ll know what to expect. If you weren’t then come on it, the water’s fine. It might take a while to warm to those waters but it’s worth it.

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