by / July 20th, 2012 /

Fang Island – Major

 1/5 Rating

(Sargent House)

For fans of Fang Island’s debut album, Major has an awful lot to live up to. The record pioneered that original and infectious sound of theirs, often copied but never really bettered. Fang lsland is much loved by fans and critics alike, leaving many wondering if a follow up can live up to the hype.

Fang Island are a band who don’t seem to take such pressure or themselves too seriously, listing a few reasons why they decided to call the album Major as “it’s a ‘Valley girl’ colloquialism” and “Steely Dan’s Any Major Dude was in rotation a lot during the sessions”. They may not be flippant but it’s evident that they’re passionate about what they do and the finished product certainly speaks volumes of the amount of thought and dedication that must have gone into the album.

Musically, structurally and vocally speaking Major is better than its predecessor. The album kicks off with ‘Kindergarten’, a heartwarming pop number with the anthemic ‘Sisterly’ following suit. ‘Seek it Out’ is an unforgettable tune and possibly the best track on the album. The first half is relentlessly catchy, although the second fails to keep up the momentum. Aside from the awesome ‘Asunder’ the album loses its punch a little towards the end. ‘Regalia’ does manage to redeem matters and ‘Victorinian’ ends the album on a memorable note. As a whole, Major is so incredibly upbeat and catchy that even the rainiest, slowest Monday afternoon can’t take away from the feelings of joy and happiness that emanate from its splendid contents.

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