by / May 5th, 2008 /

Fred – Go God Go

 1/5 Rating

(RCM Music)

The problem with the Irish music scene is a distinct lack of pop bands. We can’t even seem to produce a decent manufactured band, let alone a living, breathing real one. In the shape of Fred, however, we may just have our saviours. Not that it’s always been the case, as the five piece have been beavering away in the Cork scene for a while, displaying all the left-of-centre tendencies that we associate with the People’s Republic. Not that Go God Go (their third album) dispenses with those altogether, it just polishes them up and marries them to some lovely tunes. As combinations go it’s a winner.

-Skyscrapers’ sets the agenda straight from the off, depositing them into what is approaching Mika territory (no, wait), all falsetto vocals and a big, bold brass section. Neither is it just a one off, they repeat the trick on -Running’, -Good One’ (which features the coolest girl/boy vocal) and -Damn You Hollywood’. If they’ve managed to up the shiny content, Fred have also developed the darker side of their nature. They’re less quirky than before, more focused but still capable of stopping you in your tracks in one split second. That really is the great thing about Go God Go, everything about it is better. A true case of a band stepping up their game.

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