by / June 15th, 2012 /

Funeral Suits – Lily Of The Valley

 3/5 Rating

(Model Citizen)

Subtly erupting from North of County Dublin, Funeral Suits were born as a shy foursome and have developed into a modest band over their first year. With astonishing resemblances to established indie-pop and alternative rock bands from offshore – on both sides of the Atlantic – the Irish four-piece have presented their debut as a hugely competitive one.

As musically creative as its title, Lily Of The Valley’s first ear-catcher appears to be ‘Colour Fade’. Loaded with a soft lead-guitar riff, a consistent bass drum and Empire Of The Sun-esque vocals, the Suits steadily shift the piece through an endearing radio-friendly style. Spontaneously, the track breaks into a hazy interval, repetitively echoing ‘hold me now, hold me now’ which then attractively floats into a classy melisma. ‘Health’, one of the band’s leading commercial tracks, switches tone to a more heavy, and softly-industrialised, piece and still manages to fortress their skill.

Lily Of The Valley isn’t wholly layered with the same intense rapture, however. A little bit less than expected, ‘All Those Friendly People’ doesn’t conjure up the same verve as the rest of the album, though it contains a fruitful lead guitar and a gentle synth-freeze in the background.

In its entirety, it’s a solid first record that isn’t overly thought-out, offering them a head-start in front of Ireland’s newcomers.

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