by / March 23rd, 2010 /

General Fiasco – Buildings

 3/5 Rating


Having only formed in 2007, General Fiasco have wasted no time in making a name for themselves, having already achieved acclaim from the likes Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq. Buildings is the band’s debut album, and although it may be similar in tone and lyrical content to most bands lurking in the musical underbelly of Ireland, it is clear how this trio have managed to receive such media attention. While it is easy to label them as one of the lucky ones, only a brief listen shows the subtle unique elements that may set them apart from the other bands. Opening song, and the first single off the album, ‘We Are The Foolish’, is a catchy and thoroughly indie number, when listening you can envisage yourself bopping on the dance floor of some suspect indie club with your friends, a good selling point for any band of this ilk to begin with.

Some of the lyrics are cringingly clichéd and heavily in context of the beer swilling youth; ‘Ever So Shy’ opens with the lyrics ‘let’s get wasted’, which will immediately put anyone against the obvious off the song, and maybe even the band. However, the song is actually one of the strongest on the album, so it is no surprise that the band have opted to release it as the second single off the album. Unfortunately some of the less poppy numbers slip into the realms of regularity. The title track comes to mind here, it is over six minutes long, most of the time filled with elongated bridges of ‘oh’s’ and a string quartet.

Overall the album is impressive; a good indie-pop album, by an impressively acclaimed band, with a singer whose voice reminds us of some of the best bands of the 90s, and suspense building drum rolls. What more can more can a music elitist want? Above all else this album proves that there is some gold underneath the obvious music acts in this country.

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