by / March 11th, 2015 /

Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin

 3/5 Rating

(Play It Again Sam)

Relationships are one of those topics that have and always will fuel inspiration for many musicians. Perhaps due to the large range of emotions one can experience during the relationship and their need to express those. Ghostpoet is no different, and even though he may hide these emotions behind a sullen delivery, this is way of expressing them. It is his eye for descriptive details and his brutal honesty that contribute to some of the most interesting moments on his latest release.

The addition of a live band to his music is a very important one. It results in a more cohesive album that follows a more traditional structure and format than that of his previous releases and allows he track to flow into each other seamlessly. Backing vocals are become a constant on the album, often providing a stark contrast to his dreary flow and perhaps the voice of the female perspective in the relationship in question (‘That Ring Down the Drain Kind of Feeling’).

There is a delicacy to Ghostpoet’s voice that is accentuated by his trademark inflections, helping to further achieve that unique sound that he clearly strives for. While it may not be the most enthralling listen from start to finish, it is most certainly original. He constantly trades his singing voice for a more conversational pace of rapping, creating an indiscernible difference between the two.

There is a downtrodden atmosphere to just about every track on Shedding Skin, with the exception of ‘X Marks the Spot’ which has a bouncing rhythm, perhaps suggesting what is really in that drawer “that’s calling your name”. It is clear that this album was birthed out of a certain amount of turmoil. However, that only aids it in sounding as realistic and heartfelt as it does. It is very rare that a whole project is as blissfully serene as it is melancholy, and this is pretty damn melancholy.

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