by / October 14th, 2013 /

Glasser – Interiors

 3/5 Rating


This second outing for Cameron Mesirow’s Glasser is a distinctly different beast to its predecessor. Her debut Ring was notable for the dramatic blend of organic and digital, strung together with her sweeping vocals and a sparse sense of song structure. After that album’s warm reception she decamped to New York from her native LA, a move that is referenced throughout Interiors as she struggles with a sense of interior and exterior; the vastness of her new home as a point of contact to the huge depths of the interior human condition.

The theme of her humbling experience amidst New York’s architectural sprawl creates more focus than on Ring, but its effect doesn’t always make for an enjoyable listen. While her first album tracks seaked to languidly move the listener her sense of introversion amongst the towering edifices tend to hold us at a distance akin to the one she feels. Songs titled ‘Shape’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Divide’ perhaps bludgeon the idea of disjoint between inner mental and outer physical space home a tad hard but the glacial compositions do succeed in mirroring the daunting nature of a place that whirls past as she deals with a similar sense of enormity within herself – while the city looms around her, she introverts, most evident on ‘Landscape’ as she yearns “I’m in your landscape/ I don’t want to go back to mine” pointing to the disassociation she feels within relationships, the mental spaces people live in and how they do not always overlap.

Producer Van Rivers (Blonde Redhead, Fever Ray) is ideally suited in helping her bring this cold, inward glare to life. The sound they have created this far has never been easy to pin down but his influence here leans towards the sterile. Many disparate elements on Ring were magically woven into the same tapestry but here there is a different vibe to the threads she strands together and one that is distinctly less inviting. She commented that each and every decision in this album’s recording was deliberated over and it shows. Every aspect feels calculated to the Nth degree in order to reference the ideas her lyrics present and while commendable in the amount of skill required to execute something so tangibly knowledgeable of itself, she has lost some of the spontaneity that enamoured people to her debut – Interiors often leaves a shiver where her debut left a glow.

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