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Gold Panda – DJ-Kicks

 1/5 Rating


In the wake of Gold Panda’s recent tour there’s been much salivating at the thought some new material. Now with sticky floors on the rise the only tool available to mop up the mess is this new DJ-Kicks. It’s not perfect for the job by any means but it will sate some of the more avid fans until the release of his next LP, assuming he is making one of course. Amid promises of drinking tea and picking his nose Gold Panda has mentioned the desire to produce some new tracks, the first of which opens this mix. ‘An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds’ shimmers into view with technicolour brilliance to start off proceedings, sounding like it would be right at home on Four Tet’s There is Love in You and it sets a vibrant tone that continues throughout the album. Aside from some deep dub courtesy of Autistci and 3RA1N1AC’s coarse synth work the whole thing is very playful.

As with every good DJ-Kicks this one covers a lot of ground. Fairly early on in the mix, Panda tackles some deeply tribal rhythms with the pro-Palestinian beats of Muslimgauze, an incredibly prolific producer who left a staggering 96 releases after his death in 1999. Indeed the entire album is littered with little underground surprises like this one and by sporting a host of mostly unknown artists Gold Panda manages to keep things fresh throughout, despite the fact that many of these releases are nearly two decades old.

Holding hands with these veterans are current producers like Ramadanman and 2562, which you would think might create some harsh clashes but the oldies here are so timeless that you barely notice the changeover. In fact, the changeover’s right through this mix are scarcely perceptible. There’s no exceptionally slick transitions, every track is mixed with a snappy 10-20 second window, yet it all sounds pretty tight. The sheer scope is what makes it great. Spanning the intricacies of house, dub, electronica, and IDM, no stone is left unturned yet it’s also quite accessible and uplifting for the duration. Friday evening music for the masses.

An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds by Gold Panda

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