by / May 22nd, 2009 /

Golden Silvers – True Romance

 3/5 Rating


If 80’s synth pop played by boys in Phil Oakey hair-do’s isn’t your thing, once you hear -True Romance (True blues No. 9)’, the current single and title track from True Romance, you’d be forgiven for leaving this album on the shelf and reaching for Will Oldham or Bill Callahan’s latest. But take a chance on this London three pieces debut and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as it reveals itself to be much more than the sum of its influences.

Firstly, album opener -Another Universe’ is a confident slow burning five minute ballad, followed by the aforementioned -True Romance (True blues No.9)’ which while being the archetypal synth pop tune on the album, is a subtle head bopping number which plays to the strengths of the keyboards and dance rhythm, and happens to be very good. -Magic Touch’ and -The Seed’ don’t quite hit the mark, but what’s clear after the opening four tracks is that Golden Silvers are prepared to stretch themselves and not rest on their trendy laurels.

What is refreshing throughout is the unplugging of the keyboard on every other tune and the doo-wop barbershop style harmonies that show that these guy’s influences go way back. -Arrows of Eros’ and -Queen of the 21st Century’ keep the fun at the tail end of the album and the synth sunshine reggae of -Please Venus’ is lovely and deserved of radio exposure with the summer coming.

While overall True Romance stutters slightly under the weight of its diverse ambition, when it’s good it’s delightful and you can’t help but feel that when they find even more of their own voice they’ll produce something special next time round. A charming, clever and wholly likeable debut.

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