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Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer

 1/5 Rating

(Warp Records)

It’s unlikely that this year will see a more aptly-named musician than Gonjasufi. On A Sufi and a Killer, Sumach Ecks AKA Gonjasufi (formerly of San Diego crew Masters of the Universe) has delivered a hugely experimental album that has something for everyone – as long as what everyone likes is crackly weed-infused mysticism, hip-hop undertones, chanting and a smattering of tidy beats with cutting-edge production. Utilising the various studio talents of The Gaslamp Killer, Mainframe, AGDM and on one track, Flying Lotus, this is a trip of an album.

Hailing from a desert land of smoke and yoga, tracks like -Kobwebz’ and -Kowboyz and Indians’ display the -sufi’ side of proceedings with Gonjasufi’s croaky delivery and hip-hop stylings, mixed with a dose of Eastern flair, giving things an irresistible groove.

Highlights come thick and fast including the funk-inflected -Candylane’ and the FlyLo-produced -Ancestors’ and Ecks doesn’t stop there going for all-out Stooges on -SuzieQ’ and a bit of that classic Neptunes flavour on the vocals of -Advice’.

The eclecticism of the 19 tracks on A Sufi and a Killer does nothing to diminish the work as a whole with Gonjasufi managing to inject his frazzled, bad boy, street-corner philosopher personality into every track, along with enough experimentation and sonic playfulness to keep even the most earnest hipster happy.

This is quality stuff spanning an array of genres and going by this album Gonjasufi is guaranteed to pop up all over the place in the near future – his voice and distinctive sound have -collaboration’ written all over them.

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  • Ronan

    Awesome album!