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Grand Pocket Orchestra – The Ice Cream

 3/5 Rating

(Pigeon Heart)

Grand Pocket Orchestra are like Marmite. If you hate them or love them, no amount of cajoling will convince you to change your mind. Not everybody is going to like, or even get, their debut album The Ice Cream, but fans of glockenspiels and cute short songs will not be disappointed.

While the album is definitely cut from the same cloth as their previous offerings, it feels slightly more aggressive and little less poppy than their brilliant Odd Socks EP.

As the quirky quartet list scissors and carrots amongst ‘things they play’, it’s no surprise that this album throws layers of sounds and synths and everything but the kitchen sink at you, and hardly lets you breathe for a second.

The opening track immediately grabs your attention, shakes you violently awake and lets you know what you’re in for. And what a jam-packed 36 minute journey it is. 18 tracks of high energy, synth-fueled music mayhem later, you’ll press play again, to see what you missed first time around.

Grand Pocket Orchestra launch their album tomorrow night in Whelan’s with support from Girls Names and Hipster Youth.

The Ice Cream by grandpocketorchestra

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